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CUET Exam 2024 Accountancy Syllabus

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Complete Syllabus

There are three main topics that cover the accountancy syllabus for CUET. These three topics are further subdivided into sub-topics.

  1.  Accounting for Not-for-Profit Organizations and Partnership Firms
  2. Company Accounts and Financial Statement Analysis.
  3. Computerised accounting system.

The detailed syllabus is discussed below.





Accounting for not-for-profit Organisations and partnership firms

  1. Accounting for not-for-profit organisations
  2. Accounting for partnerships
  3. Reconstitution of partnership
  4. Dissolution of partnership firms



Company accounts and financial statement analysis

  1. Accounting for share and debenture capital
  2. Analysis of financial statements
  3. Statement of changes in financial position


Computerized accounting system

  1. Overview of computerised accounting system
  2. Using computerised accounting system
  3. Accounting using database management system (DBMS)
  4. Accounting applications of electronic spreadsheet